A letter to 16

Dear sixteen, One day, at twenty three, It will get too hot, And all the roses will dry up. I wish there’s a way to prepare you, For the loss, But unfortunately by the time you get this letter, You will be twenty six! Dear sixteen, I know you’re writing poems About broken hearts, About […]

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Another broken heart

On a night when the moon chooses to sleep, On a night when the stars are on the blink of falling asleep, When the blue sky is as black as darkness, And only trees make a different shade of black, On this night, I learnt that you are set to leave me! I hate myself […]

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A love story

I saw the twinkle from your eyes, I was so attracted to the stars, I saw the glow on your face, I was so attracted to the moon, You were like a peaceful night sky, Until your your lips parted to a smile, And I saw the beauty of the rising sun, I knew it […]

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Open… By Joy.

Been a quite long while, Since you traced these curves, And tickled my triggers, Since our edges merged as one Through the contours of our fingers So take a step at my door Take a leap to my side. And just for you, I shall open it all up I shall ooze all my prose […]

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On the first Friday after I died, I walked into my mother kneeling by her bed with tears on her face. She kept looking up into the sky as if talking to someone invisible. There were questions plastered all over her face and not a single answer on her palms. I whispered to her that […]

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Sorry (to my readers)

Side by side beside the counter, Over the glow of Whitecap gold in our glasses, On a date we choose to stay silent, No one knows how to start this conversation, I have a thousand words to say to you, Yet they all clamp together like little children, Each afraid to go first, Maybe if […]

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Dear crush, Maybe you already know this craziness I have for you, This maddening fondness and sense of safety while around you, Or maybe you don’t have a clue, But I have lived long enough to know that life is short, That it might take forever or I might never have you, Never box you […]

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