Until we meet again.

The last note. I still hear the little girl’s voice in my head screaming,“ Daddy, no! Daddy, stop it! Daddy go away” I still see the blood with my eyes closed. I still see the tears rolling on her face. I still remember the silent phase before she finally whispered,“ Just go away!” Her mother […]

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‘We are not hiring,’ he said handing the documents backs, ‘and FYI if and when we need workers, we send these people. I’m sorry.’ John carefully returned his documents in a zipper folder and tucked it inside his backpack. He wondered what the man was sorry for. He had gotten used to these sorrys. He […]


To life…

A pen, A lens, A drip, A shutter, That’s all I need, To bleed these feelings, To capture these moments, To feel alive again, To curve smiles, To breath, Smile, Live! A paper, A camera, A poem, A picture, A selfie portrait of me, With a poetic caption to complement me, A brush may just […]

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My men

One day when I have a son,I may not be able to teach my son everything,But I hope my son learns the things never teach,I hope he grows up into a man and not a big baby,I hope I act right in front of him so he never learns wrong! If my son ever bumps […]

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Musings of L.O.V.E

Some words are never said. Some are said. Some require saying while some don’t necessarily need to be said. Some come with a risk. She knew he would never say it even though she knew he felt it. He’d never take the risk of losing her for a pack of three little words even when […]

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A letter to my President.

Mr President, It is your final five, Towards the finish line you approach And we cheer you on… As we take a look back At the distance you’ve covered Calculating your mileage through it all. So I think we should change the constitution, Or just amend the constitution in your favour To make you viable […]

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Married to giants

For a few moos on the lawn, The will give a bride to the moron, A few lies and the queen will be trapped by a pawn, And we will sing and cry when our daughter is gone! She who refuses to marry us will find a suitor, A man eater masked behind d an […]

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