The days

One day when I leave this world behind, All my wild days will live for younger younger years, Tell me my dear friend, How will you remember all those years? Will you tell our tales and bring to live our old moments, Or will you let me hide in the vast of your mind? Will […]

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When death comes with wrath, And I’m flown away and gone, Tell the good and the crude, Do not paint me a saint! Tell the story of an overgrown pawn, Of the comical and the skeptical, Paint me on a canvas and write me in a verse, The love and hate, you state! Tell of […]

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Nobody wins

I’m leavingHis beer breath stories don’t end well,They end with torn skin and broken glasses,With hurtful words that can never be taken back,With doors being slammed and lovers with deep wounds,With children irreversibly damaged,And I can’t take it anymore; I’m leaving! ******************************* I am penning this essay with hope that my father gets to read […]

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Let The Grass Grow Again

Today is my birthday and someone special decided to turn it into a poem affair with this very beautiful piece. All i can say is Thank you Joy. I’ll remember this day because of you. This is my clarion call,To remind you of you…It is your seasonTo shine againTo bloom a freshIt’s that timeTo put […]

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Before my daughter is born.

Host: Drums Beats. Ever. Before my daughter is born, May my tears dry that I may be strong in order to uphold her, That the pain of her departed loving father turn into a memory. Wanyiri. Before my daughter is born, I will make her this promise, I will be a better man. Vaati. I’ll […]

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-It’s timeMy conscience says so,To caution the mind against forgetting,Drown in oblivion…Not make the bidding. It’s now,The time to recall,That once I walked this path,That once rose petals distilled scent,Honey combs tasted sweeter in another’s mouth,And from lips that drip sugarI tasted lemons too. It’s time, now,-Forget not that flower that bears thorns-Touch it and […]