Dear crush, Maybe you already know this craziness I have for you, This maddening fondness and sense of safety while around you, Or maybe you don’t have a clue, But I have lived long enough to know that life is short, That it might take forever or I might never have you, Never box you […]

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Lost finder

I guess its true to say that love wasn’t my portion, I loved you with everything and all my position, Mapenzi ilikuwa ya thati na I guess that was the contradiction, Coz all you ever wanted was a million, I wrote poems about you and I sang to you, I treated you the best way […]

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Love me

Take my hand and lead me, Into the beauty of lands beyond, Take me where waters bathes the sun, Let’s sneak in on the naked sun rising from the waters, Let’s loose ourselves so we can find love, Teach me to call your name the way you love me! Look into my eyes, Let me […]

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Of love songs and notes

I want to sing you like Stevie Wonder, Let your name roar in my ears like thunder, Cut through my heart like lightening through the sky, And give us a chance to try! Let me sing your name like Charlie Puth, And walk around with your scent on my cloth, Your were a broken pencil, […]

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