Dear crush,
Maybe you already know this craziness I have for you,
This maddening fondness and sense of safety while around you,
Or maybe you don’t have a clue,
But I have lived long enough to know that life is short,
That it might take forever or I might never have you,
Never box you let alone wife you,
Maybe this little love madness will never grow in you like it did in me,
And I am content with that!

Dear crush,
Sometimes its words unsaid that ruin a beautiful thing,
And sometimes its beautiful with muted sounds and hushed voices,
Sometimes love is just having fun breaking everything it touches,
And love touches hearts,
Sometimes love is a one way traffic,
And sometimes its the end of the road,
Maybe I am the prince meant to kiss the castle awake,
Or maybe I’m not and I’m content with that!

Sometimes an ‘I love you’ begs not for an ‘I love you too’
Sometimes the love is not mutual and a ‘thank you’ will do,
Sometimes its your smile, or your body and not you,
Sometimes its genuine and real and its all about you,
I hope you know the difference because sometimes a smile will drown,
And when the beauty has faded, the love with have nowhere to attach,
It will be gone eventually if its not about you,
I love you,
And even though I never say it,
I hope you know that even though I need some love back,
I will be content if you don’t have the heart to love me back!

Dear crush,
I was told to shoot my shot,
That people change and hearts move on,
That hearts succumb at the weight of unsaid words,
That bad breath is the foul smell of the rotting thoughts we never spoke yesterday,
So here is my honesty,
I love you for you,
And I hope you can love me back,
But if the plant withers every time you plant it in your heart,
Maybe its not meant to grow there,
And I am content with that!

Wanyiri, 2018.


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